May 21, 2007

Wine Woman

It's delicious when you can wake up in the morning and have nothing but a full day of wine tasting ahead of you.

Wine racks

On the way home, I picked up a celebratory eclair for Jason, who spent all afternoon taking his teaching certification tests. The eclair looked more like a creamy loaf -- I swear it weighed five pounds.

With fork and knife in hand, Jason whittled away at it throughout the weekend, and he's still only about halfway through it.


Cocktails with friends. A girl's night of giggling and music and gossip. Espresso martinis and Billie Holiday.

The Black

And then there was an afternoon of lazing around with a cat who scratches himself of a bottle of 2003 reserve petite sirah.


Cat scratch

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

What a great picture of the cat rubbing his face on the bottle of fine wine! Cheers!