May 14, 2007

Bowling/Pool Party

Saturday night: A going-away party at the bowling alley.

The lady at the shoe rental counter told me that she used to be 5-foot 10-inches with a size 10 shoe. Then, last year, she shrunk two inches in height and her shoe grew a size. Now she's 5-foot 8-inches with size 11 feet.

"I'm growing out!" she said.

I wonder what would happen if everybody grew that way, slowly sliding into the sidewalk, until we're nothing but short, wide puddles.


Sunday afternoon: Pool party at the Viceroy Palm Springs. A DJ played house music, and slick, oiled gay men frolicked in their Speedos. I sucked down one cocktail -- a mango rum, pineapple juice, tonic concoction tagged with a "tini" -- then switched to lemon water. The citrus taste was so sharp and so pointed, it made my throat raw.


A set of tiny twins splashed around in the pool. They left one of their toys behind, and it floated away into the deep end.


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